On God’s Grace

A lot of people have talked about the goodness of God and then gotten sentimental about it and said, ‘God is too good to punish anybody,’ and so they have ruled out hell. But the man who has an adequate conception of God will not only believe in the love of God, but also in the holiness of God. He will not only believe in the mercy of God, but also in the justice of God.

-A.W. Tozer on God’s Grace, The Attributes of God


June 11, 2014. Something that makes my 2014 even better than my 2013

June 11, 2014. Something that makes my 2014 even better than my 2013

Kakanta habang sumasayaw na nakataas ang kamay. Sisigaw, papalakpak habang nagpupuri sa Kanya. Sa pagitan ng walang hintong pagkanta ng Hillsong United ay hindi ko mapigilang mapaupo at umiyak.  Labis labis ang pasasalamat ko sa Panginoon sa mga biyaya ipinagkaloob Niya. Continue reading

Clear the stage

After the service, I joined the small group leaders as they tackled the attributes of God. Before we began the discussion, we listened to a song entitled, Clear The Stage by Jimmy Needham.

The song was essentially about worship. It says that worship is more than a song, a simple yet piercing truth. And so while listening to it, I felt tears running down from my eyes. I was deeply touched by the lyrics, only to find out that I’ve been hiding some idols in the corners of my heart. Continue reading


It’s amazing how God can bless us in just a snap. This is my birthday month and I’ve been praying for these people to have their eyes and hearts opened to the Truth that is only found in Jesus Christ.

Salvation is the best gift I’ve ever received from the Lord and it’s but a privilege to share it with others. It’s also an added bonus if you see them filled with joy whenever they discover more about God and ultimately see them draw closer to Him.


April 12, Saturday:  Confronted with the Good News

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